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We are an outstanding executive search firm for companies seeking to acquire, retain and develop human talent for executive positions in the Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.

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Our Mission

To improve our clients’ businesses, working in partnership with them to achieve class leading Board and Executive teams, either with people in place, where appropriate or by introducing new external professionals of the required experience and cultural affinity.


A Saudi national, Mohammed Moumena co-founded Edward W Kelley & Partners in the Middle East in December 2006 after dreaming of building a boutique consultancy firm and having run a family business.


Mohammed is passionate to work with people and with over 25 years work experience, his career comprised the management of a family conglomerate within real estate, hospitality and contracting in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom as well as vast experience in the areas of human capital, governance, strategy, and investments. Since mid-2013 Mohammed has been part of the corporate Board world as an Independent Board member with some Board Committees’ involvement in Public and Closed Joint Stock companies mainly in Saudi Arabia.

We ensure the success of our clients by helping them develop their most valuable asset - their human capital.

Our human capital consultancy and board advisory

Besides finding the right talent for your executive positions, we provide bespoke human capital training and consultancy, and board advisory to help leverage human resources for optimal performance, maximum productivity, and business effectiveness.

Industry sectors

At EWKP we pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge. We have successfully identified and placed senior executives across a broad range of industry sectors in the Saudi Arabia and the GCC region including, but not limited to:
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Sports and Entertainment

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Real estate

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Retail & FMCG

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Aviation & transport

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Professional services

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Construction & contracting

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Hospitality & tourism

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Healthcare & life sciences

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Financial services & insurance

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Family offices
& conglomerates

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& semi-government

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Information & communication technology

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& manufacturing

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Through our local offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, our globally experienced team uses their unrivalled networks, in-depth regional knowledge and finesse to source and place the optimum candidates.

As your specialist executive search Saudi Arabia & GCC partner, we work on a retained and exclusive basis with all our clients to provide a bespoke, confidential and collaborative service.

With a combined 240 years of experience, our diverse team of Middle East experts has worked across an expansive range of industry sectors. We counsel some of the region’s most prominent organisations, family conglomerates, corporate businesses and government entities, and with over 10,000 senior candidates identified and over 500 executive talent searches since our establishment in 2006, we have successfully built our reputation as one the region’s leading boutique executive search consultancy.

Our executive search Approach

Executive search has been the core of our business since our establishment in 2006.

We work alongside you as trusted partners to identify and secure the finest talent for your business in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. We do this through our bespoke, rigorous, and methodical search strategy, backed by professional research and crowned with our aspirational guarantee for success. With our seamless collaboration, you will be prepared to unlock the potential of your team and drive meaningful impact.


Our commitment to you continues beyond the placement of a candidate. Our premise is that success is not measured by the placement itself but rather by the long-term impact of the right candidate. This is why we offer a guaranteed time of placement.


Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the local corporate environment and cultural imperative of the region, and most notably, we have a physical local presence via our offices in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

We are thoroughly invested in your success.

We find people who fit.

A responsible business

Responsible business practices are no longer a ‘nice to have’ but an essential part of any business. As a responsible and purpose-driven leadership consulting firm, we contribute to the betterment of society in more ways than just the services we provide.

As a team, we contribute to numerous organisations and foundations across Saudi Arabia. From lending a helping hand on the ground at a local charity to active board memberships of non-profit organisations. 

In partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Human Capital and Social Development, the Wedad Charity Foundation is the first charity in Saudi Arabia devoted to the care of orphans whose natural parents are unknown, and the only charity having exclusive concession at Kingdom level.

jeddah responsible business

At the Jeddah Prep and Grammar School, we help to build bridges for A-level students from sixth form to university to future professional lives. We organise annual Career Talks with influential figures from the local corporate community who come in to share their experience and insights with the students.

Our Founder and Managing Partner, Mohammed Moumena is a Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Executive Committee and Financial Supervisor of the Nursing Committees at the Wedad Charity Foundation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Future-proof your management team for the fast-changing automotive industry

The automotive industry is constantly evolving and the GCC remains one of the strongest growth regions in the world. Technological advancements, self-driving systems and the increase in production of hybrid and electric vehicles – in response to government regulation, environmental concerns and shareholder and customer demand – creates substantial challenges for companies to maintain and increase their market share and profitability. 

With inexorable advancements, it is imperative for management teams to stay ahead of future demands and challenges. We can offer business process consulting to clients who need help in future-proofing their management team and Board.


As the economics of energy are realigning, leadership competences must, by default, transform.

The developments in oil prices and predictable decline in our dependence on hydrocarbons have caused a large-scale transformation across the entire value chain as traditional energy producers, utilities, clean-tech companies and services firms restructure themselves for a new status quo. Leaders in this industry must strive to become cost-effective and innovative while handling rapid change in technology, geopolitics, and stakeholder sentiment. 

Through management consulting, we can help you assess your team dynamics and identify which exact competencies will be needed in the boardroom, on your executive committee, or on the management floor for you to remain competitive.

Sports & entertainment

The strategic investments of the Middle East are ambitious

The sports and entertainment ambitions of Middle Eastern countries are coming into clearer focus. Sports event hosting such as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar as well as LIV Golf and the 2034 Asian Games, the second largest multisports event on the planet, in Saudi Arabia are all examples of strategic, long-term investments in this sector. Saudi’s Public Investment Fund, with USD 620 billion in total assets, has already secured sponsorships with Formula One, a partnership with the WWE and major stakes in e-sports. Saudi’s initiatives within entertainment, sports and leisure are directly aimed at growing Saudi’s sports tourism – a part of a far broader strategy, the Saudi Vision 2030, to transform the nation into a more globalised, cosmopolitan and welcoming home of foreign tourism and investment.

Key objectives include stadium development and commercialisation, the creation of new sports content and IP, the acquisition of sports content rights, investment in global sports leagues and the acquisition of fan engagement technology companies. For the recruitment of sports and entertainment business executives, our strategy is highly consultative and customised with the aim to support both regional and global efforts long-term.

Real Estate

In this highly dynamic sector, finding and retaining quality talent is critical to the success of any real estate company in the GCC

This sector, like so many others in the GCC, is driven by an expatriate workforce, a growing retail and commercial sector, expanding tourism, and global logistics and distribution hubs. Contrasting opportunities and challenges continue to present themselves, and success in real estate will depend on leaner, structured internal processes as well as solid financial management and planning. 

Our expertise in real estate comes from years of management consulting for regional clients and an established network of consultants, investors and auxiliary sectors. With a physical presence in the region, we understand the success factors associated with leading real estate businesses.

Retail & FMCG – fast moving consumer goods

The GCC retail industry remains one of the most promising retail markets globally

The GCC retail industry continues to grow due to a positive mix of economic, demographic, social and political factors. Increased purchasing power and a large young population attract local as well as international retailers and investors. To stay relevant, however, businesses in retail and FMCG must constantly innovate their retail experiences and solutions due to the ever-increasing competitive landscape, the rapid growth of online retail and current trends in GCC consumer behaviour which are focused on health and wellness, affordability, taste, convenience and e-commerce.

The relentless drive for innovation in the retail sector presents opportunities for trailblazers in the industry, particularly those with the most resilient management teams. We thoroughly understand the dynamics, trends and developments in the retail and FMCG industries.

Aviation & transport

We can help you find your competitive edge in the growth industries of aviation and transport

Progress in the aviation and transport industries within the GCC countries is driven by a multitude of factors including visionary government strategies, continued investments and leading-edge technologies. In addition, the Middle East is a geographical hub for the rest of the world, meaning that these industries will likely continue to be highly competitive.

We excel in assisting clients in enhancing their business efficiency. The majority of our clients in these sectors are looking for that competitive edge that will propel them in this growth industry.

Professional services

Selecting professional consultants will help businesses increase market shares, gain customer loyalty, generate revenue, and earn brand equity

GCC companies are challenged not only by global competition, but also by regional differences. New business models, technological disruption, and talent and skill shortages have led organisations to reach out for professional counsel from consulting, audit, and other professional services firms.

We are strategically positioned to counsel forward-thinking companies on their business efficiency planning and strategies, whether it is in relation to board composition, governance protocols and executive competency review, or human capital assessment and executive search services, to identify key talent.

Construction & contracting

We know how to identify and attract talent with the specialised skills required for senior positions in construction and contracting.

The value of construction contract awards is expected to rise in Saudi Arabia, as the strongest performing market in the GCC with a raft of projects planned for new megacities aligned with Vision 2030. There are positive signs of recovery post-pandemic in terms of planned contracts across the GCC countries, most notably in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Our diverse team has talent acquisition experience and reach within these inherently complex industries, requiring human resources with specialised skills and relevant backgrounds.

Hospitality & tourism

Executives in the hospitality and tourism sector need to be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of a new generation of travellers

The GCC hospitality and tourism sector is back on a solid trajectory for leisure, business and religious travel. New developments for the industry include digital advances and a young generation of travellers that is sophisticated, tech savvy and opinionated, looking for alternative offerings and innovative tech options to enrich their experiences. To not miss the zeitgeist of the time, hoteliers need to be switched on to the myriad of current issues and potential implications for their business.

Our team has strong expertise and extensive experience in this sector, having helped a wide range of tourism and hospitality clients with talent acquisition and leadership development of critical talent as well as assessing existing executives with the aim of improving performance.

Healthcare & life sciences

Sourcing talent and assisting healthcare and life science organisations in managing change are among our core competencies

Healthcare will remain a strong sector in the GCC. Continued population growth coupled with the demographics of longer life expectancy, rising wealth and aging population, will continue to generate demand for the health care sector in the region for years to come. In addition to economic developments, manpower requirements and the fine balance between recruiting an expatriate workforce and developing local talent are central to the quandary in these sectors.

We help healthcare providers find talent, review and reposition their board structures, board governance and human capital deployment, as well as give advice for service efficiency and sustained growth to meet societal needs of the future.

Financial services & insurance

We have extensive experience within all aspects of the financial services and insurance sectors

The GCC is a key centre for Islamic banking and wealth management, and the region has experienced growth in local private equity and boutique investment banks as well as Sovereign Wealth Funds. All GCC countries have established Capital Market Authorities and operational stock exchanges.

Our clients include local and global banks, investment and wealth management firms, hedge funds, and insurance companies. We have provided leadership consulting services at Board and C-suite levels for investment management, private banking, Islamic banking, investment banking, compliance, risk and legal.

Family offices & conglomerates

Transitioning to a Board of Directors in family offices and conglomerates needs to be a carefully executed and well thought out process

Rather unique to the GCC is the level of diversification of many family businesses with a wide range of interests and a variety of joint ventures with foreign companies. The increasing complexity of their business structure, coupled with continuous growth and diversification, has caused many family businesses to put in place a formalised governance structure in the form of a Board of Directors.

We have considerable experience in assisting family businesses with this transition, including strategic business consulting on alternatives and best fits for potential non-family board members and top calibre executives for key corporate roles.

Government & semi-government

Recruiting for the public sector requires bespoke approach and business process audits

Fundamental societal changes require governments to rethink how they lead and engage with their workforce and their constituent stakeholders. GCC member states have taken steps to tackle climate change by committing to net zero objectives, and to implement new technologies in areas such as green energy, water use efficiency, transportation and healthcare services. Having one of the fastest growing populations in the world, GCC governments are challenged to find more effective ways to operate, and this requires the introduction of new talent, often with private sector exposure.

Recruiting at senior levels for the public sector is very different to the private sector as it puts a greater emphasis on leadership, innovation, rigour, transparency, teamwork and commitment while at the same time reducing unnecessary bureaucracy.

ICT – information & communication technology

With the GCC region considered to be a global leader in the ICT industry, corporate leadership teams must be able to drive innovation and manage change at scale

The prevalence of internet and telecommunications services in the GCC is significantly above the global average of 63% with 98% internet users, and regional mobile subscribers accounting for 138% of its total population, compared to a worldwide average of 55%. The region has such an advanced ICT infrastructure, that it is positioned as a global leader in the industry, well-equipped to adapt to future challenges including economic diversification strategies for a post-oil era. Progressive GCC operators are taking action to minimise disruption in the short term and capitalise on growing digitisation in the long term. 

Our ICT team advises clients on solutions that will boost competitiveness and chart paths to business efficiency models. Our presence in the region means we are close to the issues and understand the challenges facing the sector.

Industrial & manufacturing

We have worked alongside regional businesses in the industrial and manufacturing industry since 2006

The GCC members states are structurally similar in terms of a current high dependency on oil and gas and the dominance of the hydrocarbon sector. With forecasts suggesting that oil sales will decline around 2040, all members states are pursuing diversification at an accelerated rate, having implemented numerous plans to grow and consolidate domestic industry and manufacturing. Agriculture, aluminium, steel, cement, chemicals & plastics and food manufacturing/processing are just some of the industries witnessing a boom in recent years.

We have worked alongside regional businesses in this sector since 2006, advising and assisting clients in their executive talent acquisition and reforms, resulting in efficiency of business services with in a positive direct impact on their bottom line.